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What to Wear For Winter Camping/Hiking
What to Wear for Winter Camping/Hiking Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or this is your first snowy excursion, knowing what to wear for winter camping and hiking is essential to keeping you safe. Protect yourself from the elements with these...
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A Guide to Splitboarding
Splitboarding 101: What You Need to Know Snowboarding and skiing are both popular winter sports, but this year, many thrill-seekers are starting to fall in love with a new option called splitboarding. If you are looking for a new and...
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Snowshoeing Gear: What Will You Need?
Snowshoeing Gear: What Will You Need? It’s important to make sure you pack everything you need on a snowshoeing trip. Snowshoeing, like many outdoor sports, requires attention to detail to ensure that your next trek through nature is safe and...
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