Backpacker's Pantry High Calorie Meals

High Calorie Recipes


The outdoors is big playground and we provide calorie-dense, gourmet freeze-dried camping meals to fuel you to get out there and explore it all. For those exploits and adventures that take everything you can give, we have the fuel you need so you have plenty of gas in the tank.

Backpacker’s Pantry offers adventure food for every taste wherever you find yourself in the world. Hearty breakfasts for snowshoe hut trips, the third leg of your 24-hour race, or preparing for that final stretch in the Iditarod. Protein-packed lunches include one of the largest vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals for athletes and foodies alike. Heavy dinners and indulgent desserts are lightweight and easy to prepare even in down mittens in blizzard conditions or while back at camp after a long day canyoneering in the desert.

When calories and nutrition are needed for the job, a world of taste, flavor, aroma, and texture inspired by the world’s best cuisine is just a simple pour of water away.