Partners & Community

How we give back

We are passionate about giving back to the community we love, the places we adventure, and the planet we must protect- from trail cleanups in our backyard (Boulder, CO and the entire front range of the Rocky Mountains) to donating 1% of every sale, every day, to nonprofits around the world via 1% For The Planet. Learn more about each of our partners, the nonprofits we support, and our efforts in the community. 

Be 1% better


We have been a proud business partner of 1% For The Planet since 2017. This organization vets non-profits in need of support from around the world, and creates a platform for companies like us to donate. We pledge 1% of every sale, every day. At the end of the year, we sit down as a team and choose the organizations that mean the most to us. The list below is just a small taste of the companies we've chosen to support over the years, as well as organizations we support outside of the 1% For The Planet family of nonprofits.


The Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance protects outdoor spaces and wild places through the collective power of member companies. Backpacker's Pantry is proud to be one of the first Conservation Alliance Members.


American Hiking Society

The American Hiking Society empowers all people to get outside and enjoy the trails. They organize extensive volunteer work and advocate for trail funding and protection so that future generations can do the same.


Camping To Connect

Camping to Connect is a BIPOC-led experiential mentorship program that uses outdoor recreation and nature immersion to address the diverse issues faced by young men of color in America’s cities—from mental health to healthy masculinity.


Conscious Alliance

The Conscious Alliance is an alliance of artists, bands, and companies that work together to feed families in need. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars of food to the Conscious Alliance, who redistributes it to communities without reliable access to food. 



Cal-Wood Education Center serves our home state of Colorado. They provide outdoor and environmental education to both youths and adults who would not otherwise experience it in the form of camps, retreats, school programs, research opportunities, and volunteer events.


SOIL Boulder

SOIL Boulder funds regenerative agriculture and small food enterprises by providing 0% loans to local farmers and food entrepreneurs. When loans are paid off, they are recycled into new ones, so both farming and funding are regenerative and sustainable.


Thorne Nature Experience

Based in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado, Thorne Nature Experience was one of Colorado’s first environmental nonprofits. They provide environmental education to youths and adults through a variety of camps and programs in order to build Earth stewardship.


The Freshwater Trust

The Freshwater Trust uses technology to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems. They use an outcome-based approach called Quantified Conservation, which works to accelerate the pace and scale of restoration.