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Before attempting to return anything, please read below and contact our customer service team at 800.641.0500 or

You may return non-food items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
We will pay the return shipping cost if the return is a result of our error (i.e. damaged, defective, or incorrect item). Otherwise, the customer is responsible for shipping fees.

• Any food item.
• Any product missing the serial number or UPC.

We will only issue partial refunds for the return of certain items, including:
• Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery.
• Any item that is not in its original condition: damaged or missing parts.


Contact our customer service team regarding any special circumstances or with any shipping questions at or 800-641-0500.

All items are shipped from our facility in Boulder, Colorado. Transit times vary depending on geography and shipping method.

Orders will be processes within 24 business hours.

After processing please allow:

1-5 days for UPS GROUND 

1-5 days for US Postal Service Priority Mail

UPS/FedEx cannot ship to a PO Box. If you are shipping to a PO Box, please select "US Postal Service Priority Mail."

If you are local, we do offer a pickup option! Choose "Local Pickup" at checkout.

All continental US state addresses are eligible for free shipping. At this time, we do not offer free shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Free shipping only applies to retail priced orders over the free shipping threshold listed on the website that are shipping within the continental United States. Outdoor industry discounted orders or other discount promo code orders will be charged shipping based on the order size and where in the United States it is going, as will any order under the free shipping threshold. Sometimes our shipping authorization charges are higher than what you are actually charged. If you have questions please email us at or call us at 800.641.0500.

Due to strict governmental regulations around exporting food products, we are currently unable to ship web orders outside of the United States. However, if you are in Canada, you can order online from our Backpacker's Pantry Canadian website.


Food facts

Please reach out to our customer service team with any further questions at or 800-641-0500.

Pouches: Our new pouches (produced 2017 and after) have shelf lives of 3 years to 10 years from the date of manufacture, depending on the product. 

See our complete Backpacker's Pantry Shelf Life Guide for the exact shelf life of each product. Shelf life is based off of the date the product was manufactured. Products with a shelf life of three years typically have higher fat or dairy content.

The “Best By” date is embossed along either the top or bottom seam of every pouch. If you’re having a hard time finding it, run your fingers along the edges of the pouch until you feel the embossment. This date is our recommendation for best flavor and quality.

We have not tested rehydrating our meals with cold water. While it should work, it could take upwards of an hour to fully rehydrate the meal. The flavors also may not be as bold, as the boiling water cooks the ingredients for the first time. Some of our long-distance hiking friends like to hydrate in the morning for their mid-afternoon meal, but you’ll have to experiment on your own! Always remember, once hydrated, these meals should be treated with the same care as any other prepared and fresh food.

For best results, we always recommend following the directions on the back of the pouch.

We are proud to offer 20 certified gluten-free meals! All of our gluten-free products are tested to a 20 ppm threshold, and have a certified gluten-free seal on the front of the packaging. They are also listed in the Gluten-Free section of our website.  Please contact our customer service department with any further questions regarding our gluten-free meals at  or 800.641.0500.

Vegans, get ready… we’ve got 10 plant-based items for you! Shop all vegan meals here.

We do… we currently have two single serve meals in our breakfast line that are certified organic. Shop our organic meals.

No way! We have a large variety of meals and several different packaging options, but can assure you that every one of them is 100% BPA free. So go ahead, cook right in the pouch!

Backpacker’s Pantry meals are designed for active lifestyles and active individuals. We have adventurers using our meals for all kinds of gnarly adventures: climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, cycling, paddling, hunting… the list goes on.  We don’t want any of them to end up with an electrolyte imbalance, and understand that when undergoing rigorous activity, high sodium just isn’t an issue for your body.

Although we use good manufacturing practices to segregate ingredients according to allergen program standards and rigorously clean our equipment, our products are produced in a facility that processes peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, gluten, egg and tree nut ingredients.

Please contact our customer service department with any questions: or 800.641.0500.

Our Backpacker’s Pantry products are not certified Kosher. However, we do have a large assortment of spice blends that are certified Kosher. They are sold by our sister company: Colorado Spice.

Backpacker’s Pantry meals are made up of a combination of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. This combination allows us to be creative and flexible with our recipes while still providing you with a light-weight, no-cook meal. The first time the ingredients in our meals are cooked is by you, right in the bag with boiling water. This ensures the freshest and boldest flavors possible.

In addition to Backpacker’s Pantry, we also own and operate Colorado Spice, which supplies all of the spices for our meals.

Your safety is our #1 priority. To ensure that safety, we practice strict sanitation guidelines/GMPs, allergen containment, and operating procedures throughout our facility. The American Institute of Baking (AIB) (an independent inspector committed to protecting the safety of the food supply) gave our facility a "Superior" rating, which is the highest possible ranking. All meat products are inspected DAILY by the USDA, and our quality team cooks and tastes each and every batch of products the day they are made.

Backpacker's Pantry puts a lot of time and consideration into the ingredient sourcing process.  

Our owner travels around the world in search of the best quality spices. He visits farms across the United States to find the delicious vegetables, dairy, and meats in our meals.  

Backpacker's Pantry sources ingredients from U.S. farms whenever possible in an effort to support the local farming industry. This allows us to easily trace our ingredients in case any issues do arise and ensure that they are being responsibly grown.  

Can I have an example? Green chilies in our Santa Fe Chicken, Pad Thai, and other delicious dishes come from a family farm in New Mexico. The tomatoes in our Louisiana Red Beans & Rice come from a family farm in California. Our chicken is 100% natural white breast meat sourced from an Indiana farm.  

We have a professional chef on staff who uses these fresh, tasty ingredients and bold spices to create unique, flavorful dishes with the nutritional content our customers need to fuel their serious adventures. A lot of thought and love goes into each Backpacker's Pantry meal. 

For years, we have been known for our hearty and filling meals, and we continue to provide the best taste and nutrition possible. However, USDA and FDA rules regulating serving sizes have changed. Some of our serving sizes have changed in response. Read here for more information on these changes.

Yes, freeze-dried meals are generally TSA friendly. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows both dry and solid food items in carry-on and checked baggage, including freeze-dried meals. However, it is always a good idea to check with your airline or the TSA website for any specific restrictions or guidelines that may apply.

If you accidentally forgot to remove an oxygen absorber from your backpacking meal, there is no need to panic. Oxygen absorbers are typically made of materials such as iron powder, activated carbon, or sodium chloride, which are non-toxic and pose no immediate health risks if accidentally ingested.

However, it is generally recommended that you do not consume the oxygen absorber, as it may affect the taste and texture of your food. In addition, consuming large amounts of these materials may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or blockages.

If you are concerned about the presence of the oxygen absorber in your meal, you can try removing it before consuming the food. If the absorber has already been in contact with the food for an extended period of time, it may have affected the quality and safety of the food. In this case, it is better to err on the side of caution and discard the food.

In the future, it's important to always double-check your backpacking meals to ensure that all packaging materials, including oxygen absorbers, have been removed before consuming the food.

Company & Environment

Backpacker’s Pantry is dedicated to exploring and preserving the environment, as well as positively contributing to our local community. A portion of every sale is given to organizations dedicated to the conservation of our planet. Our biggest contributions are to 1% for the Planet and the Conservation Alliance. We also work with various other smaller organizations and individuals.

In our facility, we recycle, compost, and have highly efficient lighting, utilizing 100% renewable energy power.  We are committed to continually making our business more self‐sustainable and becoming a net zero energy user.

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We are based in beautiful, sunny Boulder, Colorado. Our address is
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