Backpacker's Pantry Sailing Meals

Freeze-Dried Sailing Food & Meals

Navigate the high seas with ease and flavor with our specially designed sailing meals. Lightweight, easy to store, and resilient against conditions at sea, these freeze-dried meals are the perfect mate for your maritime adventures. Just add boiling water to awaken a hot, nutritious, and tasty meal in minutes.

Wind or no wind, you need to eat while you sail. We have soul-warming freeze-dried adventure meals that can be eaten out of the warm pouch on the roughest of seas, or cooked on the stove while you’re holding tight waiting for the breeze to pick up again.

With a simple fresh water maker onboard, you can save hundreds of pounds of water weight by eating freeze-dried sailing-friendly meals from Backpacker’s Pantry. Whether you sail a high-performance yacht or a tried-and-true daysailer the hundreds of pounds of weight savings can help increase the duration of your sail and the performance of the vessel.

Backpacker’s Pantry has a wide menu of outdoor meals for everyone on board. We have one of the largest menus of protein-packed vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals out there, all inspired by the world’s best cuisine. The healthy nutrition and bold flavors in our gourmet outdoor meals are yours in less than 20 minutes- at port or when rounding Cape Horn.