Our sourcing philosophy and practices.

Change for the Better

"We realize the time is now to make change happen. We are committed and moving as quickly as we can to make a difference. With the help of our customers you will see tremendous efforts in the coming decade to make our products not only delicious, and good for you nutritiously but environmentally and socially conscious as well."

~ Rodney Smith Former President and 2nd generation owner. 

Our 3 Pillars of Sourcing


Our approach to sourcing takes into consideration negative impacts that supply chains can have on communities. Instead we aim to have a positive impact on people and the environment through sourcing domestically from farmers and suppliers we know and trust.


Biological perseveration, energy conservation, pollution regulation, water footprint reduction and carbon sequestration are all factors that we look for in our partner vendors. We are actively searching for ingredients that are carbon negative and grown through using regenerative agriculture.


We ensure that all of our ingredients come from sources that treat their workers fairly and equitably. We recognize that supply chains have been instrumental in the economic exploitation of agricultural workers, and we understand our role in delivering positive economic benefits to our entire supply chain.

Impact Assesment


Impact Report

In 2020, we conducted a sustainability study on all our ingredients and meals to calculate the environmental impact of our products in aggregate and by individual product. The research from this study has and will continue to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Lessening our Impact

We found that Beef is the single ingredient with the greatest overall emissions, land use and water impact. However, plant-based meals like our Pad ThaiKathmandu Curry and Louisiana Red Beans & Rice scored significantly lower on the carbon emissions scale and are more sustainable.