Introducing: Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Backpacker's Pantry Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Introducing... Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Few dishes are more of a crowd-pleaser than good pesto pasta.

This family-friendly staple will keep even the pickiest kids (and adults) satisfied on any outdoor adventure. It’s the perfect freeze-dried camping meal for everything from ensuring everyone is happy and content on the trail to whipping up a quick, no-complaints dinner at home. 

The combination of herbs and white meat chicken guarantees that our Pesto Pasta with Chicken is both fresh and filling. We’ve also kept our pesto nut-free, so it truly is a dish that almost everyone can enjoy. It’s a meal you can count on to leave you feeling replenished and ready for whatever comes next.

Backpacker's Pantry Pesto Pasta with Chicken


The Ingredients

1. Penne Pasta: When exercising, it is important to eat enough complex carbohydrates to keep your energy levels sustained and even throughout the day. The pasta base in this dish does just that. We chose penne pasta in order to provide the perfect vehicle for catching the rich flavors of our pesto sauce. 

2. White Meat Chicken: Chicken is rich in protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues and muscles after a long day of exercise. It also contains essential amino acids that support muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. 

3. Nut-Free Pesto: Made with basil, garlic, parsley, sea salt, and pepper, our nut-free pesto provides all of the delicious flavors you’d expect from a classic Italian pesto without the risk of an allergic reaction. It’s creamy, vibrant, and delicious.

4. Parmesan Cheese: Though our pesto is nut-free, the parmesan cheese provides a delicious nutty flavor to really round out the flavor profile. It also provides an essential source of healthy fats to keep your energy levels balanced throughout the day and delay the onset of fatigue.

Backpacker's Pantry Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Pesto Perfection

At the end of a long day outdoors, you want a meal you can count on. With our Pesto Pasta with Chicken, you can enjoy the familiar comforts of a family-friendly staple no matter where your adventures take you.