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Unless we change our attitude towards wilderness, we're going to go down with the other species.

If we lose wild salmon we're going to lose ourselves too.

-Yvon Chouinard

Stop the Pebble Mine

One of the earth’s most pristine ecosystems is being threatened by a proposed open-pit mega-mine.

The Pebble Mine—proposed at the headwaters of the planet’s greatest wild salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska—threatens the communities and ecosystems that depend on the bay’s abundant wildlife.

The Bristol Bay watershed is one of America’s last wild places, home to bears, eagles, wolves, caribou, and whales. It provides half the world’s wild sockeye salmon, supports 14,000 jobs, and generates $1.5 billion in economic activity every year. But if this gold and copper mine gets built, it will poison the bay’s headwaters with up to 10 billion tons of mining waste that will have to be stored—forever—in a wet and seismically active region.

For millennia, Alaska’s Bristol Bay has sustained a plethora of biological diversity. It’s an ecological treasure—and it deserves our protection.

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