Our Ambassadors

Adventurer from Bend, OR

My name's Austin White and I’m an outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer, living in my converted Tacoma with my dog Chaco, based out of Bend, OR.

Alpinist + Storyteller from Lyons, CO


Chris Brinlee, Jr. is a Storyteller. Stories, however, are not best-told from inside the walls of a cubicle, so in August 2014, Chris left his behind—quitting his fancy advertising art director job to go experience something more.

Hiker + Backpacker from Salt Lake City, UT

Clare Bailey

I’m an adventurer born and raised in Utah, who has always enjoyed experiencing the outdoors. I remember having magical weekends with my family hiking and camping in load and the forests of norther Utah. I’ve always enjoyed hiking for the exercise, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really found solace in the spiritual aspect of nature and climbing peaks. Now I find myself striving to climb to new places and new experiences because of the way it makes me feel when I’m howling on top of a peak.

Hiker/Backcountry explorer from Kelowana, BC

David Vassiliev

Born and raised in the heart of the PNW, you could say that adventure was in my blood. I grew up in an immigrant family that wasn’t too involved with the outdoors. As I grew up my older brother began to take me out skiing and hiking which is where the first spark of love for nature happened. After being introduced to hiking I was always itching to go out and hike to mountain tops. Slowly, I began to develop more friends who had similar interests. We were hiking every weekend and soon enough I began documenting all the adventures. Having learned about media in high school I already had a passion for the arts. This passion quickly flourished alongside my passion for the outdoors and became my main source of income while completing school. I find that taking pictures enhances my experiences as I try to view nature in a different light and angles.

Adventurers from Anchorage, AK

For the past 10-years, Matt and Agnes Hage have spent nearly every day side-by-side. Together, they produce photo and video shoots for top outdoor brands around the world. Matt grew up in Alaska and Agnes hails from Chicago. The two met at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, where Matt studied photojournalism and Agnes earned a degree in engineering. The two share a passion for wild places, preferably deep and high in the mountains. They have climbed to the highest peak in the Andes and in 2009 were engaged on the summit of Alaska’s Denali. They sealed the deal the following spring on Hawaii’s Big Island. The duo have traveled extensively, logging multiple forays to New Zealand, Japan, Patagonia, Nepal and India. In 2016 they celebrated the birth of their son, Dusty, and have been quick to incorporate him into adventures that are usually an equal mix work and personal. The family currently splits their time between their home in Anchorage, Alaska and on the road in their 27-foot Airstream.

WhiteWater kayakers + climber nomads

The Holcombes are a family of three from Boulder, CO who sold their home in 2014 and moved their family and photography business into a Winnebago RV, and have been exploring wild and beautiful places ever since. They are photojournalists who specialize in bringing their adventures to life through their photographs, short films and narratives, and have limited availability for private commissioned fine art photography. They have travelled over 150,000 miles through 49 states, explored most of the National Parks and have some incredible stories from their adventures across the continent. All three are whitewater kayakers. Abby at age 12 paddled the entire length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This was likely a record for the youngest person and shortest boat. Abby and Peter enjoy competing in freestyle kayaking. With mother Kathy they enjoy multi-day kayak trips exploring wild rives and areas only accessible by boat. Kathy is currently solo backpacking 70 miles on the AT through Great Smokey Mountain NP. The holcombe family also enjoys rock & ice climbing, backpacking, mountain biking and skiing. Nomadic life allows them to explore many of the amazing opportunities for adventures around North America.

PHotographer + Filmaker from Savannah, GA

I’m Joey, an avid adventurer, photographer, and filmmaker. I was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently live in Savannah, GA. Growing up in Chattanooga I was lucky enough to witness a city completely turn itself around by a booming outdoor industry.

Surfer from Louisville, CO

Jon Caliguire

At my high school, there was a requirement to take at least one art credit to graduate. I had grown up convinced that I was not good at art, and that I hated it because of that, so I just took Photo 1 because I thought it would be the easiest route out. This ended up snowballing into me taking photo classes every year for the rest of high school, spending most of my days buried in the dark room, developing film.

Mountaineering + Runner on the road

Originally from Germany, Sunny grew up a book-loving couch potato. She spent her teens and early twenties as an academically-inclined and mostly physically inactive city girl. Outdoor adventure was always something she loved reading about - but something that other people did, not her. Yet when the chance presented itself during her sophomore year of college, Sunny went backpacking for the first time and was hooked. Over the next several years she gradually, stubbornly, transformed into an outdoor woman.

Hiker + Adventurer from Bend, OR

Whitney Whitehouse

Hello! I’m Whitney and I love spending all of my free time outdoors. I can usually be found in the mountains, on the river, on the trails & playing in nature’s playground with my dog and best friend, Jasper. I grew up in Central Oregon so my love for wild places was rooted in me from childhood. As I grew up I developed a strong passion for learning new adventure sports and finding new ways to spend time in my favorite wild places. I started to photograph them as a hobby, and that’s now become my #1 passion. For work, I’m a professional photographer & videographer full-time at 10 Barrel Brewing Company. When I’m not developing content for beer, you can find me outside photographing what I love most, adventuring with friends in the outdoors.

Explorer from Atlanta, GA

Woojin Park

I was meant to be an explorer. My grandmother found out about this when she looked up my horoscope just before I was born. Oddly enough, signs of an adventurer started to surface when I was a child. My parents always told me I couldn’t keep myself calm and was always on the move. They weren’t huge outdoors fans, but one time took me out to camping in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Sleeping in a small tent, catching fish from a stream, cooking it in a fire pit, and finishing off a meal with good ol’ s’mores under the stars was exactly my thing. The love for the outdoors grew as I joined the cub scouts and went on numerous nature summer camps.

Boarder from Boulder, CO

Nathaniel Lawler

Tennessee Native, now making stay in Colorado, I’m a normal man who finds excuses to take part in extraordinary things. I wouldn’t say my life is too distinctly different from everyone else although some tend to think so. My take on it all is that I see adventure where many others see normality. It just so happens that a few of these grand occurrences happen outside, typically in high places, and often in the snow with a board under my feet. And really any time when there is a board under my feet, whether on powder, surfing a wave, towing behind a boat, or on gliding down pavement, I’m more than content. I guide backpacking in the summers because I love the visceral adventure with others and how it points us back to the more subtle adventures that manifest everywhere in our lives, relationships, and individual stories. Each tree climbed over, boulder scrambled on, stream crossed, and sunrise captured is just another excuse to turn inward to find the adventures we were made for. I’m not that great with a camera so I do my best to use words to help give voice to these stories that we experience and discover in the outdoors and in everyday life. And hopefully these stories bring others together in a greater story that we participate in with one another. That’s the aim at least. Oh, and my ideal first date is going to target with her and buying a lego set which we then build together.

Polar Explorer from Boulder, CO

John Huston is a professional polar explorer and veteran of the first American unsupported expedition to the North Pole. He has completed major expeditions to the South Pole, on Greenland and to Canada’s fabled Ellesmere Island. He began his career as an instructor and sled dog trainer at the Voyageur Outward Bound School (https://www.vobs.org/) in northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, where he fell in love with winter expeditions. John is also a motivational speaker, safety and logistics consultant, and wilderness guide. John and his family live on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado.