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What Makes Backpacker's Pantry the Best Camping Food?

What Makes Backpacker's Pantry the Best Camping Food?

What Makes Backpacker's Pantry the Best Camping Food?

Fuel Your Adventures with the Tastiest, Most Nutritious Camping Food

When choosing which foods to take on your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure, we know you have options. If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight, easy-to-make, and delicious, Backpacker’s Pantry stands out amongst other camping food.

So, put down the ramen noodles, step away from the potato flakes, and keep reading to learn more about the best freeze-dried camping food you can put in your pack.

More nutrition, not more weight

Freeze dried foods keep around 97% of their nutrients, compared to a 50% - 60% nutrient retention rate for dehydrated foods. When something is freeze dried, it’s quicky frozen and then put into a strong vacuum. The water in the food turns from ice into vapor, which is why our meals are full of nutrients and healthy calories, not extra ounces.

Organic, high-quality ingredients

We pride ourselves on the quality of every ingredient that goes into a Backpacker’s Pantry pouch. From all-natural chicken to organic, non-GMO textured soy protein, when you fuel up with one of your freeze-dried meals, you know we’re using the good stuff.

The ingredients we use are never cooked together, at least not until you pour boiling water into the pouch (don’t forget to recycle the bags after your adventure). We even have a good selection of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals.

International flavors

Eating in the wilderness shouldn’t mean leaving your favorite international flavors at home. With Backpacker’s Pantry, you can chow down on your favorite cuisines from all over the world, no matter where you pitch your tent. Some all-time favorite entrees include:

Cuban Coconut Rice & Black Beans

Pad Thai

Chana Masala

Chicken Vindaloo

Curry & Rice with Cashews & Chicken

Jamaican Style Jerk Rice & Beans

And that short list is just the beginning! Check out our Ambassador Picks to discover more of the flavors you’ll love.

Environment sustainability

Backpacker’s Pantry is a family-owned company. It was founded on a love of the outdoors that’s been going strong since the 1850s, when our family first came to Colorado from Scotland. We’ve joined, supported, and helped many wonderful organizations that save land, communities, animals, and the environment all over the world. Our manufacturing facility is 100% wind powered, and we’ve been recycling and composting for more than a decade. Now, we’re focusing on adding solar panels to our building and moving toward regenerative farming techniques for all of the food we grow.

Once you’ve stocked your cart with some tasty meals for your next adventure, go learn more about regenerative farming or other initiatives designed to protect the lands we all love to explore. Supporting the environment is something we’re passionate about, because making a profit should always be secondary to making the world a better place.

What Makes Backpacker's Pantry the Best Camping Food?

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