Key Tips for the Solar Eclipse & Spring Camping

Key Tips for the Solar Eclipse & Spring Camping

Are you ready for an astronomical event heading out way?

Mark your calendars for Monday, April 8, 2024, and prepare for an unforgettable Solar Eclipse experience. If you missed the spectacular eclipse in the US a few years ago, this is your opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Path of Totality, which spans from San Antonio to Cleveland and stretches all the way to Maine.

Secure your camping spot and turn it into a three-day weekend adventure. Learn how to experience the eclipse and brush up on early spring camping tips!

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Experiencing the Eclipse: Totality and Beyond

As the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, you may find yourself in the path of a total solar eclipse or a partial one, depending on where you set up camp. Those fortunate enough to be directly under the path of totality will experience the extraordinary sight of the Moon completely obscuring the Sun, briefly turning day into night. This path will traverse from San Antonio to Cleveland and up through Maine! Dive into NASA's eclipse map to discover your proximity to the eclipse. 

The awe-inspiring total phase, when the Sun is fully cloaked by the Moon, lasts but a few exhilarating minutes. Yet, the partial phases that precede and follow promise to extend the spectacle over several hours. Even if you find yourself outside the path of totality, fear not; a significant portion of the USA will still enjoy a view of a partial eclipse. 

Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse Viewing Safety: A Must

Prioritizing safety is essential: never gaze directly at the Sun without specialized eye protection, aside from the moments of total eclipse when the Sun is entirely hidden. To enhance your viewing experience, we've created special edition Astronaut Ice Cream eclipse glasses, perfect for safe eclipse observation. Secure your pair [here] and prepare for an unparalleled view. 

Eclipse & Spring Camping Essentials 

  • Reserve Early: Book your camping spot in advance and verify if camping permits are required. Anticipate post-eclipse traffic when planning your journey back home. 
  • Gear Check: Now is the time to inspect your camping gear. Unpack, air out, and assess everything for repairs or replacements well before your trip. 
  • Stay Warm: Early spring evenings and night can still dip below freezing. Equip yourself with lots of layers and your zero-degree sleeping bag to keep your eclipse viewing setup cozy and warm. 
  • Be Prepared for snow: Early spring mountain conditions may bring unexpected and quickly changing weather. Make sure you are prepared to snow, rain, wind, and cold temperatures. 
  • Freeze-Dried Camping Meals: For those planning a three-day weekend, let us take care of the food! We recommend our 3-day meal kits, available in meat, vegan, and vegetarian options. Choose from our curated selections or customize your own kit. And don't forget to grab our Astronaut Ice Cream and Fruit for a truly out-of-this-world eclipse experience!

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    Comfort and Viewing Tips:

    Prepare for comfort on the big day. Pack essentials like a lightweight backpacking chair, a sturdy yet compact picnic blanket, or a comfortable sleeping mattress. With your Astronaut Ice Cream eclipse glasses ready, settle in for the show. While the Sun's corona steals the spotlight, take a moment to observe the stars and planets that emerge in the midday darkness, adding to the magic of the eclipse. 

    This Solar Eclipse presents a rare opportunity to connect with the cosmos in a profound and personal way. Your eclipse camping adventure promises to be an event of a lifetime.  

    April 8th solar eclipse map

    Gear up, gaze up, and let the cosmos do the rest.