Preparing Your Children for Winter

Preparing Your Children for Winter

Tips for preparing your children for outdoor winter adventures

If your kids inherited your love of the great outdoors, chances are you’ve already begun to teach them about proper hiking etiquette and given them a healthy respect for Mother Nature. 

Winter weather can bring a whole new set of considerations to your outdoor experiences, though, so before you take your children on a cold-weather adventure, here are a few tips to help get the family ready to go. 

Teach your kids what to expect from winter weather

Dozens of children’s books include tales of outdoor adventures. Knowledge is power, so the more your kids read about characters who experience nature when it’s cold out, the better prepared they’ll be. 

Additionally, many schools now offer credit for students who participate in outdoor adventure activities, including Outdoor Classroom Day

Explore new winter hobbies

Though you can hike, camp and explore the outdoors year-round, there are a lot of activities unique to winter that can keep your children active when the cold weather hits. 

Ice skating, sledding and building a snow fort are all winter-specific ways you can play with your kids when it's cold out. Since the winter season also includes several holidays, festivals and other activities, it’s never a bad idea to look for celebrations in your town (like the stunning Ice Castles!)

Have the right winter weather gear

It may seem like common sense to have the right gear for your outdoor hobbies, but your kids need their own gear, too. When kids dress appropriately for the weather, they may even enjoy being outside longer.

Most major retailers sell winter apparel made for children. Since kids grow so fast, you can also find great deals on name-brand gear at thrift stores.  

Shopping for winter gear can even be an educational family adventure. If your kids get to help pick out their own supplies, they’ll learn how important it is to have the right gear for winter hiking, skiing, snowboarding, camping and any other winter hobby they enjoy.  

Prepare yourself for winter weather

Your kids will learn a lot from watching you. If you aren’t prepared for winter adventures, you may want to do some research first. 

For example, if winter driving makes you uncomfortable or you’re unsure how winter hiking differs from summer hiking, the helpful Backpacker’s Pantry blog is here to help. We also have safety tips for including your kids in your outdoor adventures. 

Cold weather can be intimidating, but winter doesn’t have to stop your family from experiencing the great outdoors. Teaching your kids what to expect from the season, finding new winter hobbies, having the right gear and preparing yourself are all ways to help your kids learn how to love the outdoors in every season.

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