Inside The Pantry

Inside The Pantry

Hiking journals are a great way to remember your outdoor adventures. Whether you’ve been writing in a hiking journal for a while or you’re only just now thinking about starting one, we’ve gathered 15 fun prompts for you to try the next time you go on a hike.

Prompts for what you see

1. Consider all the colors you can find in nature. What stands out to you? What do the colors remind you of? Which colors did you see on your hike this time?

2. Is there a particular landscape element that you look for on a hike, like a waterfall or a certain type of tree? Why do you look for it? Did you find one of those things on your hike today?

3. If you’re camping, how does the campsite look at night? How different does the campsite look in the daytime?

4. For hikers who are artistic, make a sketch of flowers or leaves you see on the trail, or perhaps a landscape you find particularly breathtaking.

5. Can you see the stars? Do you know the stories behind them? If not, make up one or two of your own.