How to Plan a Microadventure Close to Home

How to Plan a Microadventure Close to Home

Going On A Microadventure: How to Find Fun in Your Own Backyard

Many people have had to cancel trips this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may not be able to take a trip to a faraway destination, but you can still go on a microadventure without straying too far from home. 

“Microadventure” is a term used by British author Alastair Humphreys to describe inexpensive, short and local adventures. A microadventure may take place close to home, but it is just as rewarding and exciting as a trip around the globe. Follow these tips to plan the perfect microadventure in your own backyard.

Take a new form of transportation

When it comes to traveling, the journey can be more fun than the destination. Changing the way you travel can lead to new and exciting adventures. 

For example, if you usually drive to a local park, try riding your bike or walking there for a new microadventure. Traveling in a different way may allow you to meet new people and see and appreciate things you never noticed before. 

Try new activities

The point of taking a microadventure is experiencing new things, so try to incorporate at least one new activity into your plans. 

For example, if you usually go hiking while camping, switch things up by going canoeing or fishing during your next trip. Remember, the best adventures always take place outside of your comfort zone!

Switch up your sleeping arrangements

Sometimes, changing the way you can sleep can reshape your entire outdoor experience. 

If you usually stay in a cabin, try pitching a tent and roughing it in the outdoors instead. If you usually sleep in a tent, try sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars on your next trip (weather permitting, of course.) Or, hang a hammock between two trees so you can fall asleep while gently swaying back and forth surrounded by nature. 

This may seem like a minor change, but it can transform your next camping trip into an unforgettable microadventure.

Think outside of the weekend box

Adventures can happen any day of the week, so don’t limit yourself to only taking microadventures on the weekends. 

If you want to try something new, consider camping on a weeknight and going straight from your campsite to your office. Or, make an effort to wake up early so you can squeeze in a morning hike before starting your workday. Bring a bike to work and explore the outdoors on your way home to make the most out of the evening hours, too.

Thinking outside of the weekend box can ensure your schedule is always packed full of microadventures.

Bring a buddy

Nothing is more rewarding than sharing the experience of a microadventure with a close friend or family member. Find an adventure buddy and ask them to come with you on your next microadventure. Going on an adventure on your own is enjoyable, but taking a microadventure with a loved one is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. 

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