6 Terrifying Haunted Hikes In Colorado

6 Terrifying Haunted Hikes In Colorado

Creepy Colorado Hikes

Halloween weekend is a great opportunity to take a haunted hike. Even when it's not spooky season, going on a haunted hike is a great way to add something new and thrilling to your outdoor experience. Like most western states, Colorado is home to Native American spirits, abandoned ghost towns and creepy landscape. If you're looking to get your adrenaline really revved up, here are six spooky spots to explore. 

Helen Hunt Falls | Colorado Springs

This spot was named after the poet, writer and Native American activist Helen Hunt who was buried in Colorado Springs. Hikers have reported hearing strange voices at the falls where the area is steep, dangerous and has unfortunately claimed many lives. The crisp air and autumn trees will certainly add to the creepiness factor of this haunted spot. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park | San Luis Valley

If you are a self-proclaimed UFO buff, then you'll really enjoy visiting the UFO Watchtower as many sightings have been reported here along with some creepy and unexplained cattle mutilations. This part of Colorado offers a wide variety of exploration, as it hosts with the Great Sand Dunes and the beautiful San Luis mountain range.

Stormy Peaks B-17 Crash Site | Glen Haven

In 1943, an Army Flying Fortress bomber left Rapid City, South Dakota, and was bound for Denver. It never arrived. The military plane crashed in the Comanche Peaks Wilderness, killing all eight passengers on board. Today, you can hike to the eerie crash site where the wreckage remains. The site is reported to be heavy, spooky, and sad. With that said, it's important that you leave the wreckage untouched if you choose to take this haunted hike. 

Horsechief Canyon | Fruita

The Horsechief canyon was once a corridor for horse smugglers. It's said that a woman was trampled to death by a smuggled herd of horses in this canyon and that her ghost now wanders the trails. Perhaps she is looking for a hiker like you to be her companion . . .

Ghost Town Hallow | Pikes Peak HWY

This former mining camp is a ghostly site that houses Oil Creek Tunnel, a blocked passageway that was once used for mining gold and where many accidental deaths of miners took place. Old log houses and remnants from its historical past make Ghost Town Hollow a great place to visit for a spooky experience. The only catch is that you'll need to travel for a bit on the Pikes Peak Highway to locate Ghost Town Hollow, but the trek is worthwhile. 

Mount Vernon Cemetery | Jefferson County

An unmarked cemetery? Now that's creepy. The Mount Vernon Cemetery has one of the oldest known graves in the state dating back to 1860. Make this hike a night hike for an even more bone-chilling experience.