Fuel For The Chase: Backpacker’s Pantry's Interview With The Tailgate Podcast

Fuel For The Chase: Backpacker’s Pantry's Interview With The Tailgate Podcast

Recently, Backpacker’s Pantry’s President, Soraya Smith, got the chance to sit down with Bill Roden, host of The Tailgate Podcast: A marketing podcast focussed on hunting and angling brands. While backpacking food doesn’t initially seem like a hunting and angling brand, food is essential for any outdoor sport. In fact, pre-packaged meals -- like Backpacker’s Pantry -- are the food hunters and anglers eat when they’re out catching their meat. Needless to say, Backpacker’s Pantry provides important fuel for an important chase. 

The Shared Value of Quality

In the podcast, Soraya spoke about the interwoven aspects between the sport of hunting & angling and the mission and drive behind Backpacker’s Pantry. Soraya explained that “hunting and angling incorporate the art, science, and culture of wanting to be in wild spaces,” where people are working to provide the best quality animal protein possible for their families. As the sole recipe developer for Backpacker’s Pantry, Soraya further shared how she works hard to source the best possible ingredients for the Backpacker’s Pantry recipes, using ingredients that she would feel comfortable putting on the dinner table for her own family.

Real Food For Real People

While Backpacker's Pantry has primarily been catered towards the backpacking community, the company is committed to providing real food to real people no matter their sport or activity of choice. In regards to the hunting and angling community, the company wants to meet hunters and anglers where they are at, to properly feed those who are working diligently to put food on the table. 

United By a Common Value 

Soraya and Bill also spoke about the significance of conservation in the outdoor community as a whole. Unfortunately, hunting is often politicized in a way that overshadows its deep rooted commitment to conservation. A commitment shared by the entire outdoor community. Backpackers need outdoor spaces to backpack, and anglers and hunters need wild lands and spaces to engage in their sports. At the end of the day, there is a shared passion to keep wild spaces wild.

Vote The Outdoors

With that said, the Backpacker’s Pantry team urges you to vote and protect the outdoor spaces that you love. While there is a strong division of political views throughout the nation --including in the outdoor community -- it’s important to find some kind of unity. For outdoor enthusiasts, the unification is in the love for the land. Use your vote wisely so that you can continue to create those memorable experiences fueled by our memorable meals. For more, check out the Backpacker's Pantry's Vote The Outdoors Campaign.