BP Food Hacks From Inside The Pantry

BP Food Hacks From Inside The Pantry

As a company who makes gourmet freeze-dried food, we pride ourselves on the taste and quality of our ingredients. Just-add-water to our delicious, nutrient-dense meals that are ready to eat in minutes! While our meals are fantastic on their own, they can also easily be spruced up with a good food hack. Below is a list of BP food hacks created by our team that will make things even tastier on your next adventure!

Make It a Burrito 

You could throw any of our meals into a tortilla and make it a burrito! Flour tortillas are easy to pack, lightweight and don't perish very quickly! This food hack is also a great tip if you're looking to get more calories and/or feel fuller if you're splitting a BP meal with an adventure pal! 

BP Burrito Ideas

Vegetarian Rice & Bean Burrito Using:  Cuban Coconut Rice & Blacks Beans, Louisiana Red Beans & Rice, or Chana Masala

Chicken Burrito Using: Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans with Chicken or Jamaican Style Jerk Rice & Beans with Chicken

Breakfast Burrito Using: Rocky Mountain Scramble or Summit Scramble

Spice It Up With Siracha 

For all you siracha addicts out there, this ones for you. To make sure your BP meal is up to your spiciness level, bring a keychain bottle of siracha sauce with you on the trail! If you can't find a keychain bottle, some to-go siracha packets will also do the trick. Of course, our Pad Thai comes with extra siracha packets as is but if you love the heat be sure to bring some extra sauce. Siracha is great on our Three Cheese Mac & Cheese, Three Amigos Stew and on our Scrambles

Throw An Egg On It

An eggcellent hack to get even more protein. If you're car-camping, fry-up an egg and put it on top of just about any of our meals. Give it a go on our Pad Thai or our Jamaican Style Jerk Rice & Beans with Chicken

Trail Mix 

Add nuts and seeds, dried fruit and chocolate chunks to our Granola, Mango Sticky Rice and/or Oatmeal if you're looking to add more sustenance to your breakfast. This also makes for a good dessert food hack too!

Texturize It 


Crunchy, lightweight snacks such as chips, pretzels, crunchy garbanzo beans, and cheese crisps make for easy, tasty texture ideas to add to your BP Entrée. We recommend eating our Sweet and Sour Rice & Chicken with some tortilla chips, or adding in some crunchy cheese crisps to our Lasagna

Fancify Your S'mores

Use our Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Mix, or Crème Brule as an added layer in your traditional s'mores. You can also use our gourmet dessert mixes as a dip for toasted marshmallows, freeze-dried bananas or strawberries!

Have your own must-try Backpacker’s Pantry food hack? Share it with us on social media!

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