Backpacker's Delight: A Deep Dive into Our Wild West Chili and Beans with Chef Soraya

Backpacker's Delight: A Deep Dive into Our Wild West Chili and Beans with Chef Soraya

Learn about our Wild West Chili and Beans from Chef Soraya

It seems like every ski resort in the U.S. serves chili in their lodges... and for good reason. This hearty, warming dish is the perfect way to both warm up after a cold winter adventure and give yourself the necessary fuel to get back out there. This season, save some time and money by bringing your own just-add-water chili.

Our Backpacker's Pantry Wild West Chili and Beans is the perfect comfort food for all of your winter outings- whether it be skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, winter hiking, or sledding with the kids.

From the Expert's Kitchen: Chef Soraya’s Take

Before we dive into the details, hear from Chef Soraya herself as she chats about this mouthwatering meal. Watch the video above to get her take on what makes our Wild West Chili and Beans so special.

The Ingredients

This spicy dish honors chili’s authentic southwestern origins, with a traditional blend of beans, tomatoes, and classic chili spices. It's also vegetarian, so even non-meat eaters can enjoy the warming comforts of a classic chili.

1. Black Beans and Red Beans: Beans an excellent source of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, which help keep you feeling full and energized during your outdoor adventures. They are the ideal vegetarian energy source for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

2. Tomatoes: An essential component of a classic red chili, tomatoes also provide immune system- supporting Vitamin C and help the body absorb essential irons.

3. Onions: Onions add depth and flavor to the chili while also providing essential nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

4. Bell Peppers: Bell peppers are a tasty and colorful addition to the chili that also provide additional essential vitamins.

5. Classic Chili Spices: Our traditional chili spice blend pays homage to chili's southwestern origins. They give the dish a complex flavor profile and just the right amount of spice.

Make it your own

Our chili is delectable on it's own, but if you want to get creative, there are numerous ways to customize it. Here are a few of our favorite toppings:

1. Cheddar Cheese: Though there is already cheddar in our chili, there is no shame in sprinkling a bit more on top! Who doesn't love an extra-cheesy chili?

2. Sour Cream: For those who prefer milder foods, sour cream is the perfect way to balance out the spiciness in this dish. It also adds a delicious creaminess.

3. Chives: Not only do chives add delicious flavor, but they also make any dish feel just a little bit fancier. And we all deserve to feel our best in the outdoors!

4. Bacon Bits or Other Animal Protein: Our vegetarian chili is already packed with plant protein, but adding an additional protein source, such as bacon or ground beef or turkey, is a great way to give it an extra boost. Just make sure to cook your protein of choice completely before adding it to your chili, and remember to add it after your chili is fully rehydrated to ensure the best flavor. 


If you're in search of a comforting, warming meal with a kick to elevate your outdoor experience, Backpacker's Pantry Wild West Chili is a must-try. With Chef Soraya's expert guidance and a bold, complex flavor profile, this meal is sure to become a favorite among adventurers. Don't forget to pack it on your next outdoor excursion and savor the unforgettable flavors of the Wild West, wherever your journey may take you.