5 Backpacker’s Pantry Hacks | Backpacker's Pantry

5 Backpacker’s Pantry Hacks | Backpacker's Pantry

It’s no secret that Backpackers Pantry creates nutritional, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meals that fuel back country adventures. However, we’ve collected some tips and tricks that can make your outdoor dining experience even better.

  • Use your meal as a jacket heater while it’s cooking

Have you ever gotten cold up in the mountains? If you’re getting cold, chances are that your food will too. Keep both you and your Backpacker’s Pantry meal warm by tucking the package inside of your insulated jacket while it’s cooking. The extra insulation will help the food to cook more evenly in colder temperatures—while providing a massive boost of warmth for yourself. Before sticking the meal underneath your jacket, be sure that the zipper is sealed all the way so that it doesn’t leak onto your clothes.

  • Add crumbled chips to create fun new flavors and textures


While Backpacker’s Pantry meals are definitely delicious on their own, a great way to create new twists on flavor and texture is by adding crumbled chips to your dinners. Looking for a little extra kick? Try adding Hot Cheetos with Limon. Sucker for classics? Cooler Ranch Doritos will add a bit of zest. Sprinkle a bit every few bites to create the maximum crunch.


  • Extra olive oil packets can provide a big calorie boost


When logging big mileage days with lots of elevation, the body can easily burn through thousands of calories. One of the best ways to replace those calories is with pure fat, which burns more quickly during slower endurance activities like hiking. At only 11 grams and 90 calories per package, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better supplement than olive oil for your Backpacker’s Pantry meals. They add great flavor too.


  • Minimize dish washing by using a long spork to eat from the package


Most people will agree that dish washing is the worst part of backpacking—myself included. As such, I do whatever I can to minimize the amount of necessary dish washing on my adventures; the easiest way to do that is by leaving the bowl or plate behind. The key is to use a long spoon or spork and eat directly from the Backpacker’s Pantry packaging. Longer utensils will allow you to scoop food from the bottom of the package without sticking your hand inside and getting it dirty. As an added bonus, by ditching dishware you’ll save weight; that’s never a bad thing!


  • Reuse packaging to pack out trash


It’s easy to lose track of tiny wrappers, especially on a multi day backpacking or climbing trip. An easy solution? Store those wrappers in a pocket throughout each day; consolidate them into a used Backpacker’s Pantry zip lock package each night after dinner. This routine will help keep your pack organized, your clothes clean, and make it much easier to pack out trash at the end of your trip.


Have any BP tips of your own? We’d love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below!

About the author: Whether he’s climbing in the Himalayas or writing from LA, Chris Brinlee Jr. is an adventurer and storyteller who just can’t stay put. Follow his adventures on Instagram