About Backpacker's Pantry


Why We Give Back (A message from the Smith Family):

“The Smith family came to Colorado in the 1850’s as immigrants from Scotland. The love of the outdoors and the land in the west is just a part of who we are. We have seen the West change significantly in the last 47 years since we’ve owned Backpacker’s Pantry.

Ron Smith, my father, realized in the 1980’s that something had to be done to protect our wild lands, and did everything he could as an individual. In 1989 Patagonia, The Northface, Kelty and REI together formed an organization called the Conservation Alliance. The Conservation Alliance opened for membership from outside organizations in 1991 and Ron took this opportunity to officially add Backpacker’s Pantry to the list of growing environmentally responsible companies. Since then we have joined, supported and helped countless organizations that save land, communities, animals and the environment all over the world. Today we are proud members of 1% for the Planet and also donate product and give donations to many other organizations.

Our facility is 100% solar powered, and we've have a recycling and composting program at our facility for well over a decade. We do this because we want to make a difference. Making a profit should always be secondary to making the world a better place.

We realize the time is now to make change happen. We are committed and moving as quickly as we can to make a difference. With the help of our customers you will see tremendous efforts in the coming decade to make our products not only delicious, and good for you nutritiously but environmentally and socially conscious as well.

Thank you for your support,

Rodney Smith
Backpacker's Pantry's Late President & 2nd Generation Owner



It’s safe to say we love the outdoors. Our food is made to be enjoyed adventurously, and to encourage people to explore the vast benefits and joys of nature. We stand by this claim in a very straightforward way: by vowing to protect the planet and preserve the places we love most, the best we can."Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." Our employees regularly volunteer to protect our backyard, the front range of the Rocky Mountains, through trail building efforts, flood damage recovery and more. We believe small, consistent action truly adds up over time, and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to do whatever they can to protect their local landmarks and shared recreational spaces. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we also strive to make a more global contribution. We donate 1% of sales, every day, to this impactful organization. There are many different options, tools, and decisions around choosing how to give back. 1% for the Planet “makes environmental giving easier, smarter, and more accessible to all.” Learn more here. Below is a list of organizations we are proud to support and happy to assist anyway we can:


Relief Efforts

It’s something we wish we never had to do, and yet every year we wish we could have done more. As a company that makes essentially the perfect emergency food (lightweight, transportable, long shelf life, just add water), it is our profound responsibility to provide relief effort to those in need after hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In 2017, we donated over 3,000 lbs of food to Puerto Rico and Houston after hurricane Maria, and hurricane Harvey. Teaming up with Oskar Blues Brewery and Can’d Aid, we were able to ship food and water to areas most impacted. We also provided products to the US Coast Guard, and the Doing Good Foundation in their own relief efforts around the world.


Encouraging Adventure

We take pride in encouraging outdoor activity and exploration in all forms! We support organizations like Warrior Expeditions, Women Who Hike, Women’s Wilderness, Thorne Nature Experience and more. Living #youradventure and sharing #youradventure is something we promote daily on social media and at our headquarters in Boulder, CO. With direct access to some of the most beautiful trails and scenic mountain locations in the country, encouraging our employees and community to explore the natural world is a cornerstone of our company. We want to take it one step further, and show people of all walks of life, that adventure is all around them!  


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Sourcing the ingredients for the meals we make is perhaps the most important thing we do and we take that task seriously. We have eliminated GMO’s from our facility and have continued to increase the amount of organic ingredients in our selection as they become available.

In 2018 we were able to source a cage free egg, which was the first in our industry. Point being, we take the time to research who we are buying from and their practices in farming and manufacturing. We source as many of our ingredients domestically as possible. If it is not available in the United States, we do our best to buy international products we know are nutritious and clean. Our goal is to use the best products possible to provide the healthiest, most nutritious product we can make.

Backpacker’s Pantry uses mostly raw, not cooked, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. Our chicken and beef are pre-cooked as an example but most of our vegetables and fruits are raw. This means that these veggies and fruits are picked and immediately flash frozen preserving the highest level of nutrition possible. When you let a vegetable or fruit sit, or cook it, some nutrition is lost. So when you add the boiling water to our pouch to make our food, for the most part, that is the cooking step. This we feel gives our product more nutrition.

Our facility is USDA Organic certified, Gluten Free certified, Kosher, USDA inspected daily, Non GMO Project certified and we have a yearly third party good manufacturing practices certification as well. We demand the same level of 3rd party certification from our suppliers as well.


Company Support & Benefits

We are proud to say we have the best team in the world! They work hard, every day, to create the products you know, love and trust. And we want to treat them as such. Great benefits, safe and comfortable working conditions, and continued education, combined with a culture of “work hard inside, play hard outside” makes for happy employees. And we believe happy employees make the best products!