Ten Essential Items for Camping and Hiking

Ten Essential Items for Camping and Hiking

What to Bring to Stay Safe While Hiking, Camping and Exploring the Outdoors

Many of the items you need to bring on a hike or camping trip can depend on where you’re going or how you’re feeling, but there are a few that you should bring on every outdoor adventure. 

1. First aid kit

Even a small first aid kit can make all the difference if you get injured on the trail. 

You can make your own, but there also are many affordable pre-made kits that are compact and lightweight. These pre-made kits come fully stocked with everything you’d need for an emergency.

2. Navigational tools

Though many phones now include GPS capability, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be in cell range when you’re hiking or camping. 

It’s important to bring a backup navigational tool for the times when your cell phone doesn’t have service. You can use a map or a compass as Plan B. 

3. Light

Even if you don’t intend to spend time in the dark, it’s never a bad idea to pack a flashlight or headlamp. Make sure you bring extra batteries, too.

4. Sun protection

Sunscreen is a must, and sunglasses are just as vital. 

Sunglass lenses can also be specific to seasons, so if you’re going hiking and you know there will be snow on the ground, you can purchase a pair of sunglasses that are polarized to help with the glare. A hat never hurts, either. 

5. Proper clothing

Bringing an insulated jacket with you on any outdoor adventure is a great idea, even if it’s hot outside when you set out. This is especially true in the mountains and desert, where nighttime temperatures can drop drastically.

Insulated jackets can fold up, so they don’t take up a lot of space in your pack. 

6. Fire starters

Especially if you’re camping, having the right materials to get a fire going is essential for safe outdoor adventures. Waterproof matches, lighters and other fire starters are easy to stock up on before you set out. 

7. Food 

This is the easiest part. Bringing lightweight, dehydrated food means you aren’t adding a lot of weight to your pack. For camping, you can bring full meals and for hiking, you can pack snacks. 

8. Water

Of course, you’ll need water on your trip, but it’s just as important to bring water treatment supplies. Even if a creek or lake looks refreshing, you still need to treat the water before drinking it to avoid getting sick. 

9. Shelter

When you’re hiking, it’s still wise to have emergency shelter options. You can use a blanket or a tarp if you don’t want to bring a full tent. 

10. Knife

Having a knife with you gives you an extra level of protection in the great outdoors. You might only need it for something as basic as opening a package of food, but still, better safe than sorry. 

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