Are You Addicted to the Outdoors? | Backpacker's Pantry

Are You Addicted to the Outdoors? | Backpacker's Pantry

H2: Tell-Tale Signs You Have an Addiction to Nature

These days, we hear a lot about things like smartphone addiction, technology addiction, and an over-reliance on anything with a screen. While these addictions can zap your energy and take up precious hours of the day, not all addictions are quite so problematic.

We’re talking about being addicted to the outdoors, of course! Most outdoor enthusiasts can relate to the feeling of craving time in nature, because there’s nothing quite like the mental and physical connection you get while playing outside. But are you truly addicted? If you can relate to the statements below, there’s a good chance you could be.

H3: “Inclement weather?” What’s that?

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, you can’t wait to get outside. You know that the best memories are often made when everyone else is hiding inside.

H3: Your car has never seen the inside of the garage

Garages are for gear, not cars. You can park the car outside, but where else would you store your bike, kayak, tent, and everything else? Besides, your bike is worth more than the car anyway.

H3: You’re more interested in starry skies than 4-star hotels

Those indoor people can have their fancy hotels and turn-down service. The only stars you care about are the ones you can see from a remote wilderness camping spot, free of light pollution.

H3: You own more hiking clothes and shoes than formal attire

Why would you even bother stocking your closet with clothes you’ll never wear? Wool and synthetic fabrics rule your wardrobe, and hiking shoes and sandals are considered acceptable footwear regardless of the situation.

H3: Your kids already know what’s going on this weekend

Of course you’ve introduced your kids to the outdoors. They don’t have to ask what the weekend plans are, because they know you’ve got a fun outdoor adventure planned.

H3: You’re more comfortable reading a topo map than browsing Netflix

How do all of these silly remotes and streaming services work, anyway? Finding the ideal route for your next backpacking trip is so much easier.

H3: When you’re stuck inside, stress creeps in

If you’re addicted to being outside, you’re all-too-familiar with the stress that sets in when you can’t get your fix. Since being outside is a proven stress reliever, you might as well see if that next meeting can be held in the sunshine. It’s for your health.

H3: Your s’mores recipe is unmatched

Perfecting the humble s’more is equal parts art, science, and patience. You know this, you respect this, and your taste buds appreciate the dedication. You might even get a little creative with your desserts, because this is serious business.

If these scenarios sound familiar, congratulations, you’re addicted to the outdoors! Now that you’re done reading, head outside to get your daily dose of fresh air.

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