7 Best Outdoors Apps | Backpacker's Pantry

7 Best Outdoors Apps | Backpacker's Pantry

7 Best Outdoors Apps

7 Must-Have Outdoors Apps

While most people head outdoors to escape the modern world, the right technology can actually enhance the experience. Whether you're setting off to hike, bike, climb or camp, the following apps can make the experience easier and more rewarding.

AllTrails: Available for Android and iOS, this intuitive app includes over 50,000 trail guides for biking, hiking and more. Browse through the comprehensive list to find details about trails near you. Read reviews or write your own. View photos and topographic maps, or upload your own pictures taken along the trail. With an AllTrails Pro subscription, you can also access additional map layers, print maps for when you're offline, and even create your own maps using GPS.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder: Available for free on iOS and Android, this handy app boasts an extensive database of national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges, state parks and Bureau of Land Management sites. It's a great little tool for people who know they want to camp, but aren't sure whether they want to hike, bird watch, hunt, boat, fish or just soak up the natural scenery.

PeakVisor: Your personal mountain guide, PeakVisor is an incredible app that instantaneously recognizes any mountain peak within view, using a combination of location tracking, your camera's phone, and 3D mountain panorama. It also includes an altimeter and 3D compass, which accurately measures your elevation.

MapMyHike: Provided by MapMyFitness, this cool app utilizes your phone's built-in sensors to track and log your hike, compiling data related to distance, pace, route navigation and even calorie consumption. You can also search for nearby hiking routes and download them in an instant. With a $5.99 monthly premium subscription, you get personalized audio training cues, along with real-time location sharing with Live Track.

Komoot: Another great app for cyclists, hikers and mountain bikers, Komoot makes it easy to plan routes. In addition to mapping out your course, you can view surface conditions, distance and elevation, while assessing overall difficulty. Komoot also provides turn-by-turn navigation, even on the most winding off-road trails. The free app includes offline map support and in-app purchase options that unlock a wide range of cool features.

SAS Survival Guide Lite: Based on the bestselling guide, this popular app tells you the most important survival tips you should know before heading out into the wilderness. Developed by a special air service soldier, the app includes survival checklists, informative videos, survival quizzes and a number of other features to help keep you safe amid rugged landscapes.

Yonder: Free for Android and iOS, Yonder makes it easy for you to share your biking, hiking and camping experiences with a global network of like-minded nature lovers. Users can browse or search a database of over 200,000 destinations, explore nearby locations using a map, and follow other hikers and view their activity streams. Nice for finding new trails, Yonder is also great for engaging with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, who share videos, pictures and ideas that enrich the outdoor experience.

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