5 Outdoor Adventure Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Get Outside

5 Outdoor Adventure Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Get Outside

Outdoor Adventure Bloggers You Should Be Following

If you need a dose of inspiration, today's post has what you're looking for. From trip planning advice and safety tips to inspiring photos and cautionary warnings, these five adventure bloggers offer invaluable insight into the outdoor world.

1. Chris Brinlee, Jr.

An avid adventurer and talented storyteller, Chris Brinlee, Jr. has traveled to the furthest and most remote regions of the globe, from the peaks of Nepal to the frigid shores of Antarctica. His website inspires visitors with dramatic photos and immersive personal stories, along with useful how-to guides and more. 

Through a fascinating collection of perspectives, journal entries, and videos, Chris explores nature’s boundless beauty, while discovering new perspectives, both of the world and within.

2. Sunny Stroeer

Once a physically inactive city girl, this accomplished blogger went from only reading about other people’s outdoor adventures to actively creating her own. After dipping her toes in the great outdoors, Sunny became a life-long fanatic, setting speed records across the world’s vast mountain ranges and winning a 100-mile mountain trail race in the Colorado Rockies. 

These days, she makes a living as a professional expedition leader, adventure photographer, sponsored athlete, and blogger.

3. The Holcombe Family

When this family of three sold their home in 2014 and moved into a 170-square-foot Winnebago View for a 12-month road trip, they had no idea how their lives would change. As they embraced nature’s incredible wonders, one year turned into five years. 

These days, the Holcombes chronicle the endless adventures that have taken them through Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Focusing on family travel and adventure, their blog documents it all through text, images, and video content that brings you along for the ride.

4. SoCal Hiker

Jeff Hester created this informative blog to help hikers navigate the stunning trails of Southern California. He hikes the trails and documents his journeys, taking photos along the way. He then writes guides with all the key information he gathered, providing tips on gear and the best times to go. 

Each post includes images, location maps, and GPX file downloads. It’s an excellent resource for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Southern California. It’s also a fascinating and inspiring read even if you don’t live anywhere near SoCal.

5. Hike Bike Travel

Leigh McAdam originally started Hike Bike Travel to write about her adventures and destination travel in general. Since then, she has written professionally for hundreds of publications throughout North America. 

On her fascinating blog, Leigh details her 25-plus annual trips, which have taken her through more than 60 different countries. From paddling in Saskatchewan to backpacking in the Alps, this seasoned adventurer offers an in-depth insight into the world’s breathtaking beauty while documenting her many incredible experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

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