4 Inspiring Van Lifers You Should Follow

4 Inspiring Van Lifers You Should Follow

Learn All About #VanLife From These Instagrammers

Whether you want to try van life yourself, or are simply intrigued by the freedom this lifestyle can offer, you can learn everything you need to know by following successful van lifers online. There are accounts that speak to virtually everyone, including solo females, families and more.

With that in mind, give these four Instagram accounts a follow. Once you’ve had a chance to learn from their experiences, it’s time to get started planning your own #VanLife adventure!

1. Dustin and Noami, @irietoaurora

If you’re interested in eco-friendly van living, don’t miss Dustin and Noami’s Instagram account. They travel the country in a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon while sharing stories and photos from life on the road.

The couple describes themselves as eco-vanlifers, digital nomads and overall outdoor enthusiasts. They’re also committed to creating safe spaces for BIPOC and other under-represented groups in the van life community. Check out the @diversity.vanlife Instagram account for diverse viewpoints that aren’t often elevated in this community.

2. Priya Mareedu, @thewildindiangirl

Priya is a storyteller, photographer and model who began building out her van in the summer of 2020. Her account is an excellent one to follow if you want to learn the ins and outs of building your perfect adventure van.

From installing flooring and cabinets to picking out the perfect color scheme, Priya shares the entire journey with her followers. Once the van is finished, we expect her to share even more stories and details about life in a van.

She’s named her van Alfred, and you can see all of the progress she’s made on the build by checking out her saved Stories.

3. Finn and Henry, @keepingfinn

Finn is a street dog from Puerto Rico who now lives quite adventurously, thanks to his human, Henry.

Henry shares photos, videos and stories from the duo’s life on the road. Their Instagram account is a great resource for anyone interesting in van life with a canine companion.

This account isn’t just about pretty pictures, though. As Henry and Finn travel the country in their van, they also collect donations through Patreon. 100% of the funds are donated to local animal rescue organizations, and a new organization is chosen every month. Search the #TeamFinn hashtag to see some of the great work accomplished through their community (#TeamFinn is currently on pace to donate over $150,000 in 2020… and it’s ALL for the dogs!).

4. The Holcombe Family, @peterholcombe

The Holcombes (aka Famagogo) sold their home in 2014, then moved their family and photography business into a 170 square foot Winnebago View for a year-long road trip. But, spoiler alert: The trip never ended, and their explorations continue.

After five years of exploring North America, the Holcombes decided on a new adventure. In 2019, they downsized to a 72 square foot Winnebago Revel and shipped it all the way to Europe.

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